Bobby Dee

           I was born June 9th 1943 in the little town of Ashton, Idaho. I grew up on the farm 8-1/2 miles west of Ashton. We had no electricity or phone and no indoor plumbing. The winters were cold and it seemed like a mile out to the old outhouse in the deep snow. We had a 500 acre dryland farm. We had horses, cattle, goats, pigs, rabbits, and chickens.

           I went to a one room School House for the first five years. All eight grades taught by one teacher. The school closed and we all had to ride the school bus into town. I finished high school in 1962 and went to work as a laborer working out for various farms growing potatoes in the summer and working in the potato warehouse in the winter. I always had chores to do in the morning and at night on our farm, so the days seem to go on forever.

           During the winter of 1966. I moved to Idaho Falls, Idaho, and this is when my life changed forever. I started to work for a slaughterhouse outside of Idaho Falls, Idaho. On 31 October 1966, I met Deborah Gallup my wife to be at a Halloween party. We were married April 24, 1967. Meanwhile, all the people working at the slaughterhouse joined the union. We went on strike. Just days after we were married. We decided to go visit my brother in California for our honeymoon. While visiting, we decided to move to Torrance California where we lived for only one year. We then moved to Hawthorne where I lived until April 25, 2007.. I took a job with a small company making artificial flowers. I worked for that company for nine years, at which I was struck down with an advanced case of gallbladder poisoning. That resulted in having over 85% of my stomach and my gallbladder removed.

           While on disability. I went back to school. I took a course in electronic assembly. This led me to my first good paying job. I worked in the electronics department at Garrett AirResearch for 10 years, losing that job to another state. Over the next four years, I went to work for McDonnell Douglas, making the bomb racks for the B2 Stealth Bomber in Torrance, California. Losing that job to another state. I started working the very next day at McDonnell Douglas in Long Beach, California building the MD-11 jumbo jet. McDonnell Douglas lost all of their future contracts to the recession. I then went to work for Northrop Groman. I spent two months being certified to do all types of electronic assembly pertaining to the B-2 stealth bomber. I held 13 certifications.

           If my memory serves me well. I believe I went on disability sometime around 1 June 1974.
while I was on disability. I got interested in making jewelry. This then became my hobby. Once I had started making jewelry. I joined the South Bay lapidary and mineral society. We would go out on field trips, field trips . to collect rocks. Even collecting gold. I purchased a 10 inch slab saw and a Carborundum grinding machine. The grinding wheel and belts were 8 inch flexible drum. After I had perfected the art of grinding my cabochon's. I then started making my Sterling Silver Jewelry. Please view this page last.

           NOTE: Deborah and I got married April 24, 1967. She died December 18, 2006. Our first son David was born September 16, 1968. Brian August 8, 1970. Brenda October 16, 1974. Stacy January 14, 1980. Photos Of My Children

           I have six grandchildren, and one great granddaughter.