Photo Restoration

Have you ever found a photo so damaged that you thought it could not ever be restored?

I am not an artist. But I have had a lot of fun trying to restore these photos shown below.
Some areas have been modified a bit, due to the amount of damage.

The first set of photos was taken around 1927 or 1928. This is a photo of my Dad and mom taken on there wedding day. The original was like a 1-1/2 x 2 inch photo. We don't have a lot of photos of them as most was lost in the Idaho Teton dam flood back in 1976. I got what is left of the photos as our Grandmother had copies made and I inherited them when she died.

Debbies Mom as a baby.
As you see in the first photo. It was bent in 3 places and badly stained up. This photo is around 70 years old

Debbies Mom.
The first photo is over 55 years old and very faded.

A friend ask me to work on her photo. I told her I believed it was way beyond repair. As we chatted, I began playing with the photo to see if I could do anything with the photo. Soon I sent her what I had done. She was so impressed that I continued working on it. The dress is copied from a tiny section on the baby's shoulder then pasted onto the rest of the dress. The damage so close to the baby's mouth made it imposable for me to restore the mouth. I had to find a baby photo that was not damaged and copy the mouth and paste it into the photo. Remember I am not an artist :)

This is a friends Aunt & Uncle.

This is a photo of my oldest brother and one of his wives. None of us have ever met her. So wanting to save the photo. I removed the lady from the photo. The center one did not look right, so I copied the part off the left side and mirrored it and pasted it on the right side. then blended the color around him.