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Welcome To My Website

This website is dedicated to my family and friends.
Please enjoy your visit.
Please do not steal my bandwidth or personal photos of family and friends without permission.
As for Family... Your more than welcome to copy any of our family Photos...
Every One is welcome to copy any of the backgrounds on my background pages these were designed for your use.

You will find tutorials which were designed for Paint Shop Pro 7.
Most of them should still work for later versions

Wire Wrapping
Gemstones Jewelry Gift Health

Recently I took up, "Wire Wrapping". This is an extension to the jewelry making that I used to do. I do have at least 200 cut and polished stone.
Since I did not have any copper wire. I was introduced to this beautiful, "Mystery Gallery - Rock Shop".

"Mystery Gallery - Rocks"
Friendly Management
Shopper of the day Award.

A beautiful bronze statue of liberty. And of course a friendly hug with the owner and their sweet daughter.
The owners are most helpful and friendly.
I do suggest, you have permission before you start hugging anyone though...

Daryn Wright

This is my nephew. Daryn Wright.
Be sure to check out his webpage. Listen to his music and perhaps purchase both of his CDs.

Daryn Wright Website

Kayla Created These photo frames.

Using Paint Shop Pro. Notice the colors on my shirt. She used the original photograph, manipulating it with different filters.
Learn how to create your own beautiful photo frames.

Kayla's House and Gardening.

I will update the garden space when I get ready to plant this coming spring.

Sharing Dinner With Family & Friends

I am inviting all of my family and friends to share there dinner secrets with each other.
Please send me the recipe for yours
Favorite HOME MADE dinners.

I would also like you to share your favorite homemade dessert.

Magazine Covers

Photo taken July 2004
If you would like to amaze your family and friends. You can have your photo added to any of the magazine covers that I have created.
More Magizine Covers